Getting Married - What's Involved?

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Thinking about getting married in the next year or so?

The most frequent comment we hear is "I don't know where to start.

I've never done this before!"

This is true for most people, but for those who have previously

'dipped a toe' in the water, 

you need another - a slightly different - approach.

So, newbies, where to start?

The first thing to consider is, whether or not, religion

will play a part in your forthcoming nuptials.

If yes, then talk to your 'church'. Speak to your family

or the seniors of your church about what is expected.

Then decide how you would like to represent your religion

through your marriage and start to plan how your ideas 

might be realised. Then run it by family and/or the senior members.

To be continued ......


Take plenty of advice if your Wedding involves your church

but if your not planning a religious ceremony

then start to think about where you might like to seal the union.

The choices these days are limitless, from hotels in the UK and

abroad, to light houses and castles, even your own front room,

provided you secure the appropriate Wedding Licence.

There are limiting rules governing what can happen before and during

a Wedding ceremony, so check these out carefully.

Let's say we are talking about the UK and you fancy a

particular hotel. The first thing to do is make sure

the premises has a Wedding Licence, then find out which

Local Authority Registrar covers the hotel in

question. Once you have decided upon a date, you can book the

Registrar - but only for a year ahead.

To be continued ......


The trick is, to make sure the hotel and the Registrar are available, 

not only on the same day, but also at the same time, as you plan

to hold the ceremony.

When choosing an hotel, think about numbers; think about setting,

especially for photographs and video, and think about location and

parking for your guests. Will any of them need to stay over if they have

travelled great distances. Will there be room available at the hotel

or near by.

When booking the hotel and the Registrar, it is worth thinking about

securing the services of a photographer and videographer and also

transport, especially if you have a specialist vehicle company or horse

and carriage in mind as these tend to get booked up early. You can

relax a little with other services such as florists and hairdressers etc

Next. Think about the dress !

To be continued .....


Talk to everyone to start with - ask them what they think - but don't give

away any details at this stage. Checkout the latest styles from magazines

and online and see what suits you best, and what works within your budget

and your wedding 'theme'.

Then, when you have some idea of what your looking for, confide in one

person, who you can trust, and start to look in earnest. Checkout the top

of the range models, then see if you can find something similar within your


Think too about your dress size. Are you in the best shape for your big day?

If your planning to lose weight, factor that in when you start to try on

different dresses. Be realistic.

Will you actually lose that weight or is it too much to ask?  If the answer is

'No' then adjust your expectations accordingly. Do not make the mistake of

'wishing' it will be alright on the day, without actually doing something about it.

To be continued ......

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